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Our Story

Founded in 2014 by Bre Hance, InHance Interiors began as a one-woman operation with the purpose of providing professional design services solely for her husband Brandon’s residential investment firm. With the experience gained from that exclusive relationship and the success achieved in such a high-volume environment, InHance Interiors quickly grew to service a broader base of clientele such as homeowners, architects, and other investors. After completing over 200 remodel and new-construction projects together, in 2020 Bre and Brandon decided to blend the best design and construction teams under one roof to deliver a true design + build experience to clients in and around Los Angeles. The result equates to a fun and seamless in-house process for creating your dream home from concept to completion.

InHance Interiors prides itself in being a one-stop solution for all your design, construction, and home furnishing needs. Our skilled team will walk you through each phase of development from discovery to floor plans, and from selecting the essential finishes to those final decorative accents. We provide complete A-Z project management and organization so that you move in on time and have transparency into real-time costs along the way. Regardless of where you live, we happily accommodate clients who’ve already found their preferred contractor or architect, but we can also assist you in assembling your dream team. Even if you don’t live in the LA area, you can still take advantage of our interior design and complete home furnishing and styling services.


My passion for design started at an early age, while growing up in Tempe, Arizona, and spending time on job sites and in model homes with my dad who was a residential paint and drywall contractor, and my mother as a project manager for a custom home builder. While I…
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Brandon Hance serves as President and leads strategy, marketing, and business development for the company.  In addition to his role at InHance Construction, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of Avenue Homes, a leading real estate investment firm that has developed over $350mm of residential property in Los Angeles.  His…
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more aboutBre

My passion for design started at an early age, while growing up in Tempe, Arizona, and spending time on job sites and in model homes with my dad who was a residential paint and drywall contractor, and my mother as a project manager for a custom home builder. While I didn’t realize at the time, I was immersed in a culture that valued people and client experience, and a perfectly put together home that really embodied the essence of my nature now- being “dialed in”!

As a former D1 college athlete, I run my business like I lead a team. We practice and plan, rise to any occasion, learn from our mistakes, and deliver a deliberate and well-thought-out result. I sincerely believe that hard work, efficient planning, excellent communication, and having fun while doing anything in life, are fundamental to success, I also appreciate and value the significance of developing and maintaining relationships by building trust and consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.

My path to get here hasn’t been a conventional one. I don’t have the degrees or proficiencies in your typical design programs, nor did I have a clear vision that I would become an interior designer for my career, but I put myself out there, trusted my instincts, and here I am! The stars aligned and I found my lane eight+ years ago, when my husband asked me to run the design department for his real estate investment company. I had been designing his single-family flips as a side pet-project and I was great at it! While flattered at the offer, I pretty quickly started my own company, InHance Interiors was created, and he was my first client.

Shortly after that, we bought, fully gutted, and remodeled our own home in LA, which is where the InHanced Experience and process was born. Being my own client, managing subs, picking materials during construction, which led to cost overruns and delays, was a massive headache and was extremely disjointed, so let’s just say I learned the hard way and took one for the team. Now, our clients get the benefits of a well-oiled and proven process.

During that time, I of course branched out and began offering my design expertise to other developers, luxury contractors, architects, realtors, and more. I built a team of bold designers and innovators around me who’ve all contributed to developing our seamless process and an exceptional client experience.

Over the past seven years, InHance Interiors has designed around 200 single-family & multi-family residences throughout the country, with a few unique commercial projects in there, and as of early 2021, I partnered with my husband, and InHance Interiors is officially a literal Design/Build Firm that is a true one-stop-solution with all the experts under one roof needed to bring the vision of a dream home to life.

I’d love to say I knew back in 2014 when I came up with the company name and labeled us a Design/Build Firm that I knew I would one day partner with my husband, but I’ll chalk it to finding my lane and there being something fully serendipitous about it all. He’s the build, I’m the design, and we make a great team both professionally and personally. If you’ve ever met us, you know that competitive drive runs deep in our family’s blood, and it’s what pushes us to get better with every client, build a better business model, expand on the client experience, and what pushes me to continually create elevated designs that break the norm.

I am not an average thinker, I am always curious, yet I am decisive, I am a feeler and am driven by instinct, I am an entrepreneur and business owner, I am a mother of almost three kids, a wife that isn’t all biz, I design my life just like I do homes, I love to have fun, I am the most spontaneous planner you’ll ever meet (yep!), I just love people and getting to know them, and I genuinely love helping my clients love where they live. I have a natural ability to make anything, and everything feel “dialed-in” and it’s such a beautiful talent I get to share.

Elevated Everyday Living™ is my lifestyle!

more aboutBrandon

Brandon Hance serves as President and leads strategy, marketing, and business development for the company.  In addition to his role at InHance Construction, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of Avenue Homes, a leading real estate investment firm that has developed over $350mm of residential property in Los Angeles.  His extensive experience as an investor and developer enables him to bring a level of professionalism, operational excellence, and cost-competitiveness that is unparalleled in the custom home building sector.

Before venturing into real estate development, he was a two-time tech entrepreneur that successfully sold his first business to Platinum Equity Partners and The Gores Group, and his second business to Zazzle.  Mr. Hance is an active community leader and is the Chairman of the Los Angeles chapter of Gen Next, a network of leaders committed to identifying and solving generational challenges in economic growth, education, and global security. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California and was a quarterback on the two-time national championship football team.

Daniel Saldana

Partner, Chief Operating Officer
"It's important to me that we provide a positive building experience for our homeowners. I oversee the daily activities of the construction company and ensure we are operating efficiently on all projects."
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Lindsey Hassan

Director of Client Development & Operations
"It’s important to me that we put the client first. I aspire to make a complex process approachable and fun, and to match clients with the services that are right for them as they begin their home design journey.”
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Mark Luczak

Partner/ Responsible Managing Officer
"It's important to me that we deliver an unparalleled building experience. I always say, there are no issues, only solutions. It's my responsibility to relay knowledge into action and get the job down right."
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Yessica Provenzano

Senior Accountant
"It's important to me on providing exceptional service to our clients. I am dedicated to improving ways our clients have an accurate and a smooth experience in the financial aspect of building their dream home."
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Brian Ross

Construction Project Manager
"It’s important to me to deliver a dream home. My goal is to guide a project seamlessly through construction to ensure you receive a house you love and enjoy."
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Irene Pascaru

Purchasing Director
"It's important to me to start each project with a strong foundation and deliver on time and on a budget at the industry's highest standards. All in all, I strive to ensure results every day for my teams and clients on each project."
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Clio Cereceda

Construction Administration
“It’s important to me that we facilitate communication between the client, office, and field. My goal is to create a smooth transition from beginning to end of construction to ensure clients their dream home."
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Nicole “Nic” Beckett

Lead Designer
"It’s important to me that we sign, design, and deliver. From start to finish, I love being involved in every aspect of the project up until our final reveal where we get to welcome our clients into their new home.”
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Yixin Chen

Interior Architect
“It’s important to me that we make our design come true. In other words, my part is to hand over our design concept to the construction team in their language. It’s crucial since my work ensure the smooth transition of every project."
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Kate Boessen

Lead Designer/Project Manager
"It’s important to me that we understand what our clients want from their space and that we exceed their expectations. The most fulfilling part of my job is the joy on a client's face when they realize their new home is their dream home!"
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Melissa Tingley

Junior Designer
It’s important to me that we design homes that reflect the personality of those dwelling in it. It’s my personal goal to make sure every client’s home is unique, timeless, and individualized to their specific lifestyle.
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Natalie Chang

Assistant Designer
It’s important to me that we bring the design vision to life. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your hard work pay off.
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Rachael Rosenthal

Client Experience Manager
It’s important to me that our clients know our team is here for them through every step of the process, while having fun to make their dream home come true!
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Shelby Meksto

Digital Marketing and Operations Assistant
"It’s important to me that we are a welcoming point of contact to all people looking to elevate the way they live, and showcase the beautiful projects we have completed to inspire all potential clients.”
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Christina Lozada

Executive Assistant
"It’s important to me that we approach all projects, big or small, with care and intention. Therefore, I am committed to support our team find new ways to InHance processes so that we can continue to provide quality service."
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more aboutDaniel Saldana

Since 2015, Daniel has been using his extensive SFR construction experience and leadership skills in the management of company operations and development. Starting with InHance Construction's predecessor, Avenue Homes, Daniel began with a major overhaul of construction operations as a whole and helped implement a new infrastructure and construction team. He introduced new systems, tools, and technology that helped shape the way we operate today.

Daniel began his construction career in 2001, working on ICF homes. He quickly went from field installations to launching and managing a new prefabrication production line, to ultimately managing multiple track projects as a junior superintendent and eventually superintendent. Daniel went on to help launch a new ICF East Coast division in Florida and conducted training seminars and trade shows in different parts of the country.

In 2006, Daniel obtained his GC license and opened his construction company heavily focused on the framing of track homes for several central valley developers. The market crash of '08 led Daniel onto the world of home remodeling, initially just for his own properties, but then for homeowners and investors alike. Since then, Daniel has built and remodeled hundreds of single-family homes and small-format multifamily projects that have gained him the unique skill set of truly understanding every aspect of construction from, early architecture design phase, to the post-construction customer service warranty phase and everything in between. Daniel truly is a bridge that connects all facets of the design-build process.

more aboutLindsey Hassan

Before coming to InHance Interiors, Lindsey managed one of the highest grossing studios for a national yoga company where she established her skills as a team leader with a “mindfulness” approach to managing time, projects, and people. Lindsey works cross-functionally with both the design and build teams to ensure internal alignment, organization, and high-performance strategy. She has been a key asset in redefining our brand, expanding our business, defining our marketing strategy, and is an integral part of building new business and welcoming new clients.

As the Director of Operations, Lindsey measures her success on our ability to deliver on our promises. She believes your home should be your sacred place where you can feel truly comfortable and good in your own skin and loves taking part in huge milestones with our clients and their families.

Lindsey is laid back, authentic, and lives a no BS lifestyle. In her free time, she still practices and teaches yoga, and also has an Instagram page for cooking and recipes. She recently got married and loves adventuring outdoors with her husband, Evan. Together, they love to travel near and far but mostly love to camp, ski, hike, or just relax up in the mountains.

more aboutMark Luczak

Construction is Mark's passion. Each job site always has something he looks forward to and he takes on daily challenges with a smile on his face. Being in the driver's seat at InHance Construction allows him to relay his vast knowledge into action. He brings decades of experience in working for large home builders in Sothern California as well as for himself as a GC. His goal is to make a huge impact on the client experience and the company growth to help take InHance Construction to next level . Mark is an incredibly likable people person and one of the best in the business! We're so lucky to have his personality and talent on our team.

more aboutYessica Provenzano

Yessica (pronounced just like Jessica) started her journey in the accounting and administrative industry in the year 2017. Prior to working for InHance Construction, she worked for an independent construction company where she gained a valuable skill-set and love for accounting and administration. Today, she manages all the financial aspects of construction including analyzing financial reports, overseeing accounts payables and receivables, ensuring all ledgers are kept accurate and updated, and maintaining our accounting and administrative procedures and processes. In her time off, she enjoys hiking and spending quality time with her beautiful family.

more aboutBrian Ross

Brian has over 20 years of experience in luxury residential real estate development having held roles ranging from design, construction, and finance. He transitioned from television production management to residential real estate development shortly after college. The blend of architecture and business drew Brian to work with residential real estate developers and interior designers specializing in high-end remodels and new construction. In addition, he has worked with private investors as well as institutional lenders having held a senior underwriting and operations position with a top-tier hard money lender. Brian has intricate knowledge of the mechanics needed to seamlessly manage large construction projects.

Brian and his wife Christina restored a 1956 Palmer & Krisel home to near original condition. Their mutual love of art and architecture has allowed them the opportunity to tour mid-century modern homes by Donald Wexler, A. Quincy Jones, Albert Frey, Richard Neutra, John Lautner, and William Krisel throughout Southern California. A love of timeless design extends beyond homes and furnishings to a love of motorsports and collectible cars from the 1970s to present.

more aboutIrene Pascaru

Raised overseas, Irene Pascaru, experienced residential living across the world. Irene currently lives in Encino, Ca. Over the years Irene developed an understanding for diplomacy and clear communication which has aided in her career for projects management, new construction projects and love of people. With over 18 years of experience in project management she exudes a passion for purchasing and helping people love where they live.

Irene has long-worked in the operational side of construction with experience in commercial restaurant projects, multi-family housing units, and single-family new construction as well as remodels, of course. Irene's drive, integrity, and trustworthiness are the foundation of her success. While risk-taking, building great project culture, and negotiation skills are among her many assets.

Irene likes to live a life full of adrenaline, always focused on health and exercise. In her free time, she likes cycling, enjoys long walks by the ocean, and traveling. Irene adores pets and hopes to adopt a German Shepperd companion pet friend in the near future. Her favorite quote is: "The treasure of life and humanity is diversity" Edgar Morin.

more aboutClio Cereceda

Before coming to InHance Interiors, Clio immersed herself in the world of Real Estate. Her curiosity started when she was a student at UCLA where she joined the Bruin Real Estate Club. After graduating she worked as an Executive Assistant to a great realtor in Los Angeles where she learned the ins and outs of how to sell homes. Though Clio began her journey as an agent she moved towards construction where she could use her knowledge of real estate and build upon it.

Clio is calm, grounded, and easy going. In her spare time, she loves to go salsa dancing and is always up to try new cuisines.

more aboutNicole “Nic” Beckett

From an early age, Nic found she was a natural in the arts. Whether it was photography, painting, sculpting, playing an instrument, doodling on her assignments in school - she excelled, and it made her heart tick. Her dad, who owns and manages his own tile business, was a major influence when it came to this aspect of her life and he eventually introduced her to the world of interiors. When she was young, he would bring her along on job sites, and from there, she knew this life was more than just tile. It wasn't long before Nicole decided to pursue Interior Design as a career.

She graduated from an art school in a small town where she grew up near Chicago. After earning a Bachelor's degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Nic wanted to do whatever it took to work with the big dogs on the west coast. She landed a job at a model home design firm in Laguna Beach where she worked for 7 years. While working there, she gained a lot of knowledge about the industry as a whole by being involved in the creative process from start to finish. From space-planning to working on the full design package, to rolling up her sleeves on an install, there wasn't a task too big to take on.

In 2019, Nic married her BFF and decided it was time to take her career to the next level too. This path lead her to the badass team of InHance Interiors. Nic works as our lead designer and project manager and is always pushing the envelope to give our clients the elevated everyday living that our company stands by. She brings fresh ideas to the table and is the type to jump in whenever needed. We definitely love her go-get-em attitude and we're looking forward to watching her style evolve with the InHance brand. She's extremely talented and we know she'll continue to do big things in life!

more aboutYixin Chen

Before coming to InHance Interiors, Yixin worked as an interior designer/project manager in a prestige design and construction firm at LA for 4 years. She worked on all scope of a project from the concept to completion focusing on luxury residential and contemporary style multi-family projects on space plan, material selection and 3D modeling. She obtained the California Interior design Certification after she graduated from interior architecture master program. She significantly helped built up the reputation of her last employee due to her professionalism and hard working.

Yixin married her high school classmate Leo couple years ago. They favorite weekend getaway is Los Cabos in Baja California. She goes to Hot yoga and Pilates class, then online shopping for the rest of the work night.

more aboutKate Boessen

Though Kate began her career styling red carpets and promoting fashion brands in New York City, she ultimately moved to Los Angeles where she has spent the past decade designing high-end residential and commercial spaces around the world.

Working with clients and contractors from concept to completion, she finds creative and functional solutions for any space, ultimately resulting in a captivating aesthetic. She loves getting artistic on the design side, but has been known to pick up a hammer and nail when the occasion arises!

Kate finds much of her inspiration through travel and is happiest roaming around Europe. She often finds herself back in France, where she spent a semester at the Sorbonne during her college years, and later married her husband in Normandy. When stateside, Kate can usually be found reading in her yard with a glass of red wine and her beloved rescue pup, Gus.

more aboutMelissa Tingley

Before coming to InHance Interiors, Melissa worked on high-end interior design projects throughout Los Angeles. While doing so, she learned to manage large budgets while creating a truly bespoke home. Melissa values contemporary, traditional, and historic interiors and loves sourcing fabrics, stones, and antiques. She also loves procuring art and designing custom furniture.

more aboutNatalie Chang

Before coming InHance Interiors, Natalie came from a design and furniture background in which she helped develop a rapid growing design firm in Orange County. She honed her skills and learned to how to tune in to different design styles to create beautiful spaces. Natalie works cross-functionally providing support with technical drawings, design concepts, and installs. As the Assistant Designer, she measures her success on her ability to be well-rounded and provide support wherever needed. She believes “teamwork makes the dream work” and strives to create spaces you never want to leave.

Natalie is chill, social, and passionate about things she truly loves. In her free time, she loves trying out new restaurants/bars, shopping for aesthetic home décor, as well spending a summer Sunday at the local flea market followed by brunch.

more aboutRachael Rosenthal

Before coming to InHance Interiors, Rachael developed a diverse background including work in design, organization, and property management. She is dedicated to the art of customer service and loves helping people find a place to call their own. As the Client Experience Manager, Rachael communicates daily with both the Design and Construction teams, to ensure that clients have full transparency from the very first kick-off meeting to the big reveal.

Rachael is warmhearted, vivacious, and adventurous, spending most of her free time hiking, rollerblading, snowboarding, going to concerts, or hanging out with friends at the beach. She also loves to travel, whether it’s a road trip up the coast or internationally. When she’s not out and about, she can be found at home with her beloved cat, Rambo.

more aboutShelby Meksto

Before coming to InHance Interiors, Shelby graduated from UCLA, served as a team captain to her rowing team in her final year and worked various marketing internships where she learned the value of consistent branding and engagement strategies. As a 4-year student athlete she established resilience, love for teamwork and a goal chasing attitude. As the Digital Marketing and Operations assistant, Shelby helps implement business strategies to help both attract new clientele and maintain a high-functioning internal team. She believes to be a part of a successful team means to bring others up by motivation, genuine love for the work and belief in a common goal.

Shelby is enthusiastic, charismatic and loves to be an ultimate hype woman. In her free time, she loves to live an active lifestyle, catch sunrises and sunsets, and live every day to its fullest! On the weekends you can find her at her favorite spots in LA with her friends, taking a walk in Santa Monica or sitting on the 405 for a weekend trip to her hometown, San Diego.

more aboutChristina Lozada

Before coming to InHance Construction, Christina spent 8+ years working in different industries and taking on various roles. She's done everything from administrative work to legal work, project management, and minimizing processes from 10 to 3 clicks. Even though she has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and has enjoyed all aspects of it, she is most passionate about helping and supporting others! As a result, Christina acts as a support system for our team, ensuring that we are always on our toes and continue to thrive!

At a young age, Christina’s aunt always made it a point to drive her to all the luxury homes in Pasadena, admiring all the work that went into them. Christina now has the opportunity to work with a team that designs and builds homes similar to those she admired as a youngster.

On Christina’s spare time, she is always up for an adventure, learning something new from her experiences, spending time with her new pup and making vision boards!
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